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Q: What professional sports teams do not have a city or state in their name?
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Related questions

Kansas Professional sports teams?

Sporting Kansas City is a professional Major League Soccer team and the only professional sports team in Kansas.

What professional sports teams do not begin with a city state or province?

New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers, Golden State Warriors, Carolina Hurricanes

What are the professional sports teams from Oklahoma?

The Oklahoma City Thunder (NBA).

What are Kansas pro sports teams?

There are no current professional sports teams in Kansas from any of the major sports leagues in the United States. Both the Kansas City Royals (baseball) and Kansas City Chiefs (football) are from Kansas City, Missouri.

What city has the most professional sports team?

The city of Los Angeles, and also California has the largest amount of sports teams in North America

Are there any professional sports teams in Oklahoma?

There is an NBA basketball team known as the Oklahoma City Thunder

What professional sports teams are located in Illinois?

The professional sports teams located in Illinois are based in the City of Chicago.These are their teams:Cubs (MLB), White Sox (MLB), Bears (NFL), Blackhawks (NHL), Bulls (NBA)

What US city has three professional sport teams with the name of a bird?

Baltimore, Maryland has 3 professional sports teams with the name of a bird. The Baltimore Orioles, Baltimore Ravens, and Baltimore Nighthawks. Also, Atlanta, GA has 3 professional sports teams named after birds. The Hawks (NBA), Falcons(NFL), and Thrashers(NHL).

What professional sports teams play for the city of evansville indiana?

Evansville Iceman, Evansville Otters, Evansville Crimson Giants

What sort of city sports are in Houston?

Houston is home to a large variety of sports, and is home to professional teams from basketball, American football and baseball, among others. The city also has a great fondness for collegiate sports, and is home to several fine stadia.

What city are the Iowa State Cyclones from?

The Iowa State Cyclones are from Iowa City, Iowa. They are the college sports teams from the Iowa State University. These sports include basketball, football, baseball, cross country,golf and wrestling, among others.

What are the Pittsburgh Pirates colors?

Black and gold. Pittsburgh is the only city in which all of it's professional sports teams have the same "theme" colors.

What is the pro sports team in Kansas?

Kansas does not have a professional sports team in regards to the four major US sports (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL). They do have a Major League Soccer team, known as Sporting Kansas City.While the two major sports teams in Kansas City (the KC Royals and the KC Chiefs) are technically based in Kansas City, MO, they are nonetheless considered "Kansas City" teams and are supported by fans from both Missouri and Kansas. Many professional teams are physically located in areas other than what their name (and fans) would suggest. The New York Giants, for instance, are physically located in New Jersey, the Washington Redskins are physically located in Virginia, and the Los Angeles Angles are physically located in Anaheim. To say that Kansas has no major professional teams, while perhaps technically correct, could be considered a slap-in-the-face to the many loyal fans that hail from the Sunflower State.

Do you think professional sports teams positively or negatively impact a city money wise?

Positively because fans spend money on the sports' teams' merchandise. They also spend money on tickets. Better teams make better money, or if they suddenly become good, an example is the Chiefs' sales skyrocketed after the previous season.

What can I do in Fort Worth TX?

Fort Worth, Texas is located in northern Texas and is the 5th largest city in the state.&&There are many professional sports teams based out of Fort Worth, Texas and sporting events are a popular activity in the area. The city is also rich with history and museums.

What is the largest sports marketing city in the US?

The largest sports market in America is the New York City metro area home to 2 NBA teams, 2 NFL teams and 2 NHL teams.

Which city has the most sports teams?

North Carolinahas the most sport teams

What professional sports teams names do not have an s in them?

Miami heat, Oklahoma city thunder, Orlando magic, Utah jazz, Boston red sox, Chicago white sox,

How many states have 10 or more professional sports teams?

5. Texas, California, New York, Florida,and Missouri (if you count the Kansas City Royals) (their stadium is in Missouri

What is the only city in which all of its major league sports teams have the same color?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the only city in the U.S. with three sports teams that all wear the same colors.

What city has the most professional soccer teams?


What city has most professional soccer teams?


What city has the most sports teams?

New York

What are Oklahomas sports teams?

Oklahoma City Thunder

What is the city with all the best sports teams?