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Michael Jordan, "Magic" Johnson, Wilt Chamberland, Larry Bird, Kobe Bryant.....pic one......Shaquille Oneal, James Worthy, Karl Malone, Scotty Pippen, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Julius Irving, Jerry West....

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Q: What professional basketball player is considered one of the best?
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Who is the best professional basketball player?

Kobe Bryant!

What is the preparation of being a professional basketball player?

really all it is is practice. i mean you gotta practice in order to be the best and you are going to have to parctice to become a professional basketball player

The worlds best most resent basketball player?

Michael Jordan is considered the worlds best basketball player. He won 6 championships.

Who is Jimmy Jackson?

Jimmy Jackson is best retired professional American basketball player

What does Lebron James?

Plays Basketball for the Miami Heat other than Michael Jordan lebron #6 is an ok nba basketball player in the nba basketball history.

Is chance the best basketball player?

yes chance is the best basketball player.

Who is the best athlete a soccer player or basketball player?

Basketball player

Which metric measurement is the best estimate for the height of a professional basketball player?

The one that's a little over two meters.

What was Muggsy Bogues most known for playing?

Muggsy Bogues whose real name is Tyrone Curtis Bogues was a professional basketball player. He's best remembered as the shortest professional basketball player ever. One of the NBA teams he played for is the Charlotte Hornets.

Who is the best basketball player in 2011?

lebron James is the best basketball player in 2011

Who is the best basketball player in Ohio?

The best basketball player in Ohio is Gabby White

Who is Arvydas Sabonis?

Arvydas Sabonis is a retired professional basketball player. He was drafted in the first line by the Portland Trailblazers in 1981 and played until 2005. He is a Hall of Famer and considered the Best Big Man Passer and one of the best centers ever in the game.