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you should use RIT dye you can get it at and stores like riteaid, Walmart and any other store. I use rit dye and it worked perfectle but dont put the mesh in the dye for to long or it wil be to dark and it will look bad.

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โˆ™ 2008-03-30 17:37:07
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Q: What products should you use to dye lacrosse stick pocket mesh?
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How do you know what lacrosse stick you should get?

Well, i would recommend an "Amonte lacrosse stick" you can find those at typical lacrosse stores..... But most lacrosse sticks are good so.... i would choose one with kind of a fit pocket.

How should a lacrosse stick should be?

A girls Lacrosse stick should be about as long as your arms and fingers.

Is a girl allowed to use a guy's lacrosse stick?

no the pocket is to big

What is a shaft in lacrosse?

The shaft in lacrosse is the stick part. The butt is the rubber stopper on the end of the stick. The head is the plastic part which has the pocket. The shaft is the part of the stick where you hold it.

How do you string your lacrosse pocket?

Go to a sports store and by a mesh kit. IN the mesh kit should be directions on how to string a stick

What is the Regulation size of a lacrosse pocket?

in girls lacrosse you have to have your stick at eye leval and the ball has to be seen above the head

How do you make a lacrosse stick pocket deeper?

first insert a lacrosse ball in ur lacrosse stick next put a pen threw ur mesh and just leave it for a while

How long should a girls lacrosse stick be?

A girls lacrosse stick should be about as long as your arms and fingers.

What do leathers do in lacrosse strings?

For a traditional pocket, they have no use in a mesh pocket unless it is an open sidewall goalie stick.

Do you have to have a pocket on a lacrosse stick?

Technically No, but it is HIGHLY recommended for ball control and playing in general.

What are the lacrosse pocket regulations?

hold the stick perfectly horizontal. if the top of the ball is visible from the bottom of the sidewall then your pocket is illegal

How does a wet pocket affect a lacrosse stick?

it stretches the pocket and ends up becoming deeper. not good for the mesh at all.

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