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MLB players that endorse Under Armour:

Jeff Francoeur - Atlanta Braves

Francisco Liriano - Minnesota Twins

Nick Markakis - Baltimore Orioles

Jose Reyes - NY Mets

Alfonso Soriano - Chicago Cubs

Jeff Samardzjia - Chicago Cubs

Ryan Zimmerman - Washington Nationals

NFL athletes with Under Armour endorsement deals:

Vernon Davis - San Francisco 49ers

AJ Hawk - Green Bay Packers

Devin Hester - Chicago Bears

Julius Jones - Seattle Seahawks

Patrick Kerney - Seattle Seahawks

Ray Lewis - Baltimore Ravens

Joe Thomas - Cleveland Browns

Tommy Tuberville - former Auburn Head Coach

Jonathan Vilma - NY Jets

Patrick Willis - San Francisco 49ers

Basketball players that endorse Under Armour:

Brandon Jennings - currently playing in Europe

Other athletes that endorse Under Armour:

Jeremy Bloom - skiing

Cat Osterman - softball

Kimmie Meissner - figure skating

College Sports Teams with Under Armour sponsorship deals:

Auburn Tigers

Hawaii Warriors

Maryland Terrapins

North Texas Mean Green

South Carolina Gamecocks

South Florida Bulls

Texas Tech Red Raiders

Utah Utes

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Brandon Jennings-Milwaukee Bucks

Kemba Walker-Charlotte Bobcats

Derrick Williams-Minnesota Timberwolves

Grievis Vadquez-New Orleans Hornets

Marquis Daniels-Boston Celtics

Jon Brockman-Milwaukee Bucks

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Each league (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL etc) is sponsored by a different brand. Individual teams are not sponsored by brands. Under Armour currently sponsors the NFL combine. But not the jerseys or any other sport.

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Tons,If you watch sports especially Baseball, football, and Basketball you can see tons of players who sponsor under armour and many players are supported by UnderArmour.

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addidas sponsers about 1,500 people.

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Q: What pro sports teams does Under Armour sponsor?
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