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Q: What pro sports team has city and team name in a foreign language?
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Name a foreign language?

Bahasa Espanol, Idioma Indonesia, Wikang Portuguese, Lingua name the rest.

What products does River City Sports offer?

One can buy a multitude of products at River City Sports. Like the name suggests, one can purchase equipment that is used for river sports such as kayaking.

What is one common word you can name whose origin is a foreign language?

You can try italic, as in Italian!

Is Tia Stierz japanese?

This is not a Japanese name. Foreign names can only be approximated in the Japanese language.

How do you spell Ashton in Chinese?

you dont its a name so its the same in alomst every foreign language

What do you call the person that speaks for you when in a foreign country?

The person that speaks for you in a foreign country is an Interpreter, but depending on the location they may say the name in that given language.

Which Mexican city has a name that was taken from the Aztec language?


Name a type of lessons in which kids are often enrolled?

Music, Swimming, Dance, Math, Foreign language

Do Chinese learn foreign languages?

They learn English (if that counts as a foreign language). Definitely, they learn a lot of foreign languages, like German, Japanese, French, Spanish and so on, any foreign language that you can name.

What is the word for dollars in Arabic?

'Dollars' is the same in Arabic as in English- the name of a nation's currency is the same in any foreign language, as it is a natively-created word with no foreign equivalent.

What is the Korean name for eloisa?

It is exactly the same as in English. Names do not translate into foreign languages unless they originated from that language or have been borrowed into that language, such as Biblical names.

What language does the word tequilla come from?

Spanish, it is the name of a Mexican city.