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Q: What pro football team has the most divisional and world championships combined?
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How many combined World Series championships have the Philadelphia Phillies won?

The Philadelphia Phillies have a combined seven World Series appearances of which they have won two championships.

What team won the world championships in professional football?

New York Yankees with 27....

How many football cups has Poland won?

Poland has never won the World Cup or the European Championships.

Who is the tenant of Helsinki Olympic Stadium?

The tenants of Helsinki Olympic Stadium are 1952 Summer Olympics, 1983 World Championships in Athletics and 2005 World Championships in Athletics venue and Finland national football team.

How many world championships have the New York football giants won?

Four post Super Bowl era

What team has won the most world championships in professional football?

The Green Bay Packers have won 13 NFL championships ... 4 Super Bowls and 9 championships prior to the beginning of the Super Bowl. The Toronto Argonauts have 11 championships. That is the most for professional football. They are third over all in championships for any sport behind the No 1 New York Yankees, and the second place Montreal Canadians.

What is the best actual sport in the world?

football American soccer or english football is the most popular sport in the world, being played by more people than american football and baseball combined.

Who won the football 1986 world championships?

Argentina won the 1986 world cup, with a 3-2 win over West Germany.

Which country has won the football World Cup maximum number of times?

The Brazil national football team are the most successful national football team in the history of the Fifa World Cup, with five championships in four different continents.

What was the name of the combined Philadelphia and Pittsburgh football team during World War 2?


How many cups have Spain football club won?

Spain have won 2 European Championships & 1 World Cup

When was Biathlon World Championships created?

Biathlon World Championships was created in 1958.

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