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a gold medal

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Q: What prizes did the Olympics winner get?
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What were the ancient greek Olympics prizes?

The winner of each event in the greek Olympics was rewarded an olive wreath. this wreath was made into a crown shape to wear on your head!!!!!!!

What is the prize awarded in the Olympics?

the prizes are medals the prizes are medals

What are the prizes in the Olympics?

The prizes in the Olympic games are medals. The winner receives a gold medal. The second place finisher receives a silver medal. The third place finisher receives a bronze medal.

In Olympics Olympics what prizes are given to the winners?

A gold medal

What are the prizes for winners of Olympics?

A gold medal.

What prizes were for the ancient Olympics?

A wreath of honour.

What were the prizes in the ancient Olympics?

The prizes were wild olive wreaths, a statue of the athlete, fame and honour.

What prizes and ceremonies take place in the Olympics?


What prizes did the winners get in ancient Olympics?

They got medals.

What prizes do athletes get when they win the Olympics in olimia?


What prizes do the winners win in the Olympics?

a fish head

What are the prizes at Wimbledon?

One million pounds for the men's winner and 850,000 pounds for the women's winner this year.

Is it true that ancient Olympics and modern Olympics each winner receives a gold medal?

No...In the ancient Olympics the winner received a olive wreath

How many prizes held India last Olympics games?


What prizes are there in the modern Olympics?

you win a medal & a bouqet of flowers...

What prizes did the Olympics the people get?


What prizes do people get at the Olympics?

bronze, silver and gold awards

What ancient prizes did Olympics victors get?

They received laurel wreaths.

What is meant by winner take all?

there are no prizes for coming second eg a job interview-if you're not the favoured candidate,you do not get the job or anything else. In the Olympics, as a contrast, if you come second you get a silver medal.

Who has the first gold medal winner at 2010 Olympics?

Simon Ammann was the first gold medal winner of the 2010 Olympics.

Who was the gold medal winner for swimming in the 2003 Olympics?

There were no Olympics in 2003.

What prizes did the Olympic victors get in the ancient Olympics?

a crown of olive leaves

Who is the top medal winner in the winter Olympics?

what does 4th place Olympic winner get

Who was the winner of track in the Olympics in 1936?


Who is the first winner of Olympics?

Bob Marley