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The Stanley Cup

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Q: What prize do hockey teams compete for at the end of a season?
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Is there a season for hockey?

The season in hockey usually goes from October to April. Playoffs go until June if the teams qualify.

When do hockey teams hire new players?

in the begening of a new season!!

How many games do pro hockey teams play in a season?

82 regular season games exist in a season.

How many Hockey teams were there in 1967?

The NHL expanded from 6 to 12 teams for the 1967-68 season.

How many teams are currently in the NFL?

The NFL currently has 32 teams. A season sees 6 teams make it to the playoffs to compete to be the champions of the Super Bowl.

How are teams chosen for hockey's Winter Classic?

The teams for the Winter Classic are chosen by their standings in regular season play and then playoffs between the top teams.

How many teams usually compete in water polo tournaments?

There is no set number of teams that can play in a water polo tournament. It varies depending on level of play and whether it is the off season or not. There will be more teams in a tournament during a season then in the off season.

How many teams compete in the Iditarod?

how many teams usually compete in the iditarod

How many hockey team NHL?

In the current 2008-2009 season, there are 30 teams in the league.

Is hockey played on Black Friday?

This season only 4 teams do not play on black friday.

When does the hockey season end?

it ends in the beginning of April and playoff teams end in may and June

How many canadian hockey teams are in the nhl?

There are currently 7 teams located in Canada that compete in the National Hockey League. They are based in (from west-east) Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal.Date: October 18, 2012

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