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Drag, momentum

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Q: What principle of physics is used in the motion of a shuttlecock when hit by the badminton player?
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Why does the base of a badminton shuttlecock lead in motion when played?

common sense should tell you it's due to the weight of the base

Why the base of a shuttle cock is always leadin in motion when a badminton player hits the cock with a racket?

Due to the light weight and the precise gap between each of the feathers, the shuttlecock is forced to go with the motion of the swing

What is the first law of motion is called the principle of?

gravity Dude are you dumb? It's the "principle of inertia." Think thats wrong take it up with my physics teacher.

Done with a flicking motion in badminton?


Is the solar system related to motion and physics?

Yes. Everything in the Universe is related to motion and physics.

What physics principle explains the removal of water from clothes in a spin dryer?

Centrifugal force- whose description can be derived from Newton's second law of motion.

What is done with a flicking motion in badminton?


What is it called when something is done with a flicking motion in badminton?

it is a smash

In badminton motion similar to throwing a ball?

A forehand shot.

What is the definition of physics and how physics related to economic?

Physics is the science of motion and does not have anything to do with economics.

What is the meaning of irregular motion?

what is regular and irregular motion in physics

What why does a meteorologist need to understand physics?

A Meteorologist Needs To Understand Physics Because A Meteorologist Needs To Understand Motion And Force, And Motion And Force Are Apart of Physics.

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