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the first class people had an option of 2 room a ordinary room and a best room

pices were:

  • 1st best: £870
  • 1st ordanariy:£30
  • 2nd:£12
  • 3rd:£3-£8
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Q: What prices of titanic first second third class?
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What were all the prices for the Titanic in 1912?

The ticket prices for admission on Titanic are quoted as being $4,350 for first class, $1,750 for second class, and $30.00 for third class but, according to historian Peter Engberg those prices "cannot be right; a second class ticket cost more like £10.10 or £13, for example - and a ticket in third class cost something like £6 and the prices of first class tickets varied."

What were the prices for first class passenger tickets to the Titanic?

First Class £870 ($69,600 today)

Was lady duff Gordon first class or second class on the titanic?

She was in first class.

What did the Titanic's second class get?

The second class passengers room were almost as fancy as the first class.

How many survivors on the fourth class of the Titanic?

There was no Fourth-Class on Titanic. Only First, Second, and Third.

How many children from second class died on the titanic?

From Third class women there were 67 people that died. There were 397 men that died. There were 52 children that died on the Titanic.

How much was secound class on Titanic?

The second class on the titanic was good imagine the gave food like first class and first class food was better .

How many classes were on the Titanic?

There were three classes on the Titanic. First class Second class and Third class

How many classes of people were on the Titanic?

Titanic had accommodations for three classes: First-Class, Second-Class, and Third-Class,

What was the difference between the first class people and second class people on the titanic?

On the Titanic, the first class people were extremely wealthy. The second class people were people who worked hard and earned money, such as teachers.

How many libraries were aboard the Titanic?

there were two libraries on the titanic. one first class and one second class.

What sort of people were on board the Titanic?

Titanic had people of First Class, Second Class, and Third Class. She also had officers and crew.