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NBA rules state a Basketball's air pressure should be between 7.5 and 8.5 pounds.

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Q: What pressure do you inflate a basketball to?
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What is the average pressure for a basketball?

It says how much to inflate it on the ball. or at least it should.

Do the lungs inflate or deflate when air pressure decreases?


What happens when a basketball is hot?

All the air inside of it will inflate.

Will a basketball blow up if you put helium in it?

That all depends how much helium you put in it. A basketball should be able to take the same amount of pressure, whether it's pressure from air or helium. So, if you inflate it only to the recommended pressure, it should be a problem. The same amount of pressure of helium will be less mass, so in the end the basketball will be lighter, as you would probably expect, by a very small amount.

What has to happen for a balloon to inflate?

The pressure inside the balloon has to exceed the pressure outside the balloon.

If before a basketball game the ref uses an air pump to inflate the basketball is it a chemical or physical change?

chemical change

What will happen to the pressure inside the balloon as you inflate it?

It will eventually go boom

Ford focus tire pressure light how to turn of?

Inflate your tires to the proper pressure and then drive the vehicle

What part of your lungs inflate and deflate?

Your lungs themselves do not inflate/deflate. The diaphragm and intercostal muscles contract and expand the chest cavity. This expansion lowers the pressure in the chest cavity below the outside air pressure causing air to flow in through the airways and inflate the lungs.

How much air pressure does a baseball have?

A baseball is not inflate-able like a basketball, football, soccerball, volleyball or tennisball. Those particular balls are hollow with air. A baseball and softball are filled with cork and string.

How much air pressure in a 19.5-24 tire?

That depends how much you inflate it.

What is a aircast?

Aircast that puts pressure on your foot by using your pump to inflate or deflate it.

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