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Q: What president almost banned football in America?
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Was football banned by law?

Yes football was banned by the law!

Why was india banned from international football?

They were never banned.

What act was banned from the Miss America Pageant?

Animal acts were banned from the talent competition after Carol Fraser's (Miss Montana) horse almost fell off the stage.

Are Zimbabwe banned from international football?

I can not say but they are banned from the common wealth games. So it could be in football as well.

What did Henry iv do about football?

he banned it

What was banned at football league grounds from 1921 to 1971?

Women's football

Should football be banned?

what kind of American are you

What sport has the most banned players?


Is mein kampf banned in America?


President Truman banned discrimination in what?

the military

Where was the book Lord of the Flies banned?

i think is was banned in America. []D [] []V[] []D

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