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It is Damien Duff.

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Q: What premiership footballers have scored for 5 teams?
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What 6 premiership footballers have scored for 5 different football clubs?

nick barnby, andy cole, peter crouch,craig bellamy, marcus bent

Which player has scored a goal for most premiership clubs?

Andy Cole, Les Ferdinand, Marcus Bent, Nicky Barmby and now Craig Bellamy are the only 5 to have scored for 6 different premiership teams.

How many teams have scored five goals or more in the English premiership and who are they?

all the teams in the premier league have scored more than 5 goals except QPR have only just done it

Which players have scored a hat trick for 5 premiership clubs?

players who have played for 5 premiership clubs and scored for all 5 clubs

Which players have scored 5 goals in premiership?


What 5 players have scored for 6 premiership teams?

Andy cole nick barmby les Ferdinand Craig bellamy Marcus Bent Robbie Keane Peter Crouch

How many teams have won the premiership in England?

There are 5 teams Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea., Blackburn Rovers.

What is the highest runs scored by the teams of IPL 5?


Which 8 players have scored a goal playing for 5 different teams in the premiership?

Nicolas Anelka, Nick Barmby, Benito Carbone, Stan Collymore, Mark Hughes, Teddy Sheringham, Chris Sutton and Ashley Ward. Meanwhile, three players have scored for six Premiership clubs (so really it's 11 players who've scored for five): Marcus Bent, Andy Cole and Les Ferdinand.

How many Premiership football teams has Nicolas Anelka played for in his career?

Nicolas Anelka has played for 5 Premiership football teams, these being Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City, Bolton Wanderers, and currently Chelsea.

How many different nationalities have scored goals in the English premiership?

About 75 different nationalities have scored in the English Premiership. Some players have duel nationalities. The top 5 nations are ENGLAND (of course),FRANCE,SCOTLAND,WALES,HOLLAND A Polish player has only scored once in the EPL !

Who has scored the most goals in one premiership match?

Andrew Cole of Manchester United scored 5 in a 9-0 defeat of Ipswich Town in 1995.

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