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In Baseball the fielding positions are pitcher, catcher, first base, second base, shortstop, third base, center field, left field, and right field.

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Q: What positions are there in baseball?
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What sports has 9 positions?


What are the positions for kickball?

same as baseball

Where are the baseball players stationed?

In their positions.

What are the same positions in football and baseball?

There are no positions in either baseball or football with the same names for that position...i. e., there is no shortstop, catcher, etc. in football, nor is there a center, tackle, quarterback, etc. in baseball.

What is headest positions on the baseball field?


How many positions are there on a baseball field?


How many positions in Major League Baseball?


How many field positions are there in baseball?

There are nine field positions in the game of baseball: 1) Pitcher2) Catcher3) First Baseman4) Second Baseman5) Third Baseman6) Shortstop7) Left Fielder8) Center Fielder9) Right Fielder Click on the 'Positions of Baseball' link on this page to see a diagram of where the positions mentioned above are located on a baseball field.There are 9 positions on a baseball team.

How many players are need for a baseball team?

There are 9 positions.

In fantasy baseball what does U mean in the player positions?


Why does a college have a school baseball team and a club baseball team?

The school baseball team is the high level competitive team; there are generally try-outs and limited positions on the team. The club baseball team is for everyone else - there is less competition and in general there are unlimited positions on the team.

Are all baseball gloves the same?

No there are different gloves for certain positions

What are the 6 infield positions in baseball?

The 6 infield positions in baseball would be the Pitcher, the Catcher, the first baseman, the second baseman, the Shortshop, the third baseman, the Left Fielder, the Center Fielder and the Right Fielder.

What are the Similarities between Major League Baseball minor league baseball and college baseball?

they all use a bat, a baseball, 9 positions, a coach, a field, bases, and uniforms

What do you call the players in baseball?

Another name for baseball players would be ballplayers. You may also refer to them by their specific positions.

Which positions are rotated in baseball?

Pitchers rotate every 4 day's mostly.

What defensive position in baseball has control over all other positions?


What does ALT stand for in baseball?

alternate so the people alternate positions from the field

Which baseball player has played 500 games at 5 different positions?

Pete Rose

What are the outfield positions called in baseball?

Right Fielder, Center Fielder, and Left Fielder.

Did Willie Mays play all nine positions in one baseball game?


Who is the person who throws the baseball?

Pitcher? All positions can throw the ball except the batter

What player played the most positions in a single season in major league baseball?

joe morgan

Who was the last baseball player to play all 9 positions in the same game?

Mickey Stanley

What is there position called in out field in baseball?

The three positions are Left Field, Right Field, and Center Field.