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Q: What position should you play in college football if you are 6 foot and 230 lbs?
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What position should you play if im 5 foot 2 inches for football?


I am 6 foot and about 165 pounds what football position should i play at 13 years old?

wide reciver

What football position should i play if i weigh 150 and pounds and I am 5 foot 7 inches?

MLB if ur gud

What position should you play for high school football if you are 5 foot 2 inches and 118 pounds?

Kicker or waterboy

What football position should I play in football I weigh 200 im 16 and im 6 foot and im going into varsity.?

You should play wide out your tall or tight End since your big to

What football position should i play if im 13 5 foot 3 and 123 pounds but not that fast?

Punter or placekicker. No speed required.

Do you need to have two feet in collage football?

You only need 1 foot in-bounds for receiving in college football.

What football position should you play if you're 6 foot strong and fast?

Depends on a lot of different things. What's your weight? Can you catch good? Can you tackle?

How close to your work should you position a ladder?

1 foot

Do both feet have to be in bounds for college?

No. College football only requires a player to be in possession of the ball and have one foot inbounds.

What position should you play in football you are 5 foot 10 180 pounds and im fast?

Receiver or safety. Perhaps linebacker depending on how big the other teams are.

What position should you play if you are 5 foot 8 in basketball?


How long is a college football field?

A College Football field is 100 yards long, like an NFL field. There aren't many differences between College Football and NFL, except things like they have to be in College, so they can only play for four years, and the fact that only one foot has to be in for a catch to be complete.

How should you position the legs when assuming parade rest?

Place the left foot about 10 inches to the left of the right foot

What is football in French?

le foot != football

What football position should I play if im 13 5 foot 7 and 160 pounds?

middle linebacker, i am 13 as well and was a going to be a mlb and i got beat out by some guy who weighs 190. coach said he great for the position because unnaturally large for middle school football player. plus he like a truck against the smaller players. you should be similar.

What football position should myself play if you are five foot ten inches weigh 160 pounds can catch very good and you are between fast and normal at running?

high school?.. sounds like you should try tight end.

What is a position in which the heel of the working foot meets the toe of the supporting foot?

5th position

What are the rules for touchdowns is it football in the inzone two feet and the football orone foot and the football?

A catch in PRO football requires 2 feet in the end zone. A catch In college requires 1 foot in the end zone. The ball breaking the plane of the goal line on a run, or catch and run in the field of play.

French for football?

le foot, le football

What football position should you play if you are 5 foot 6 and 165 pounds but you are not fast but am pretty strong?

How old are you? If you are 17 or older, try baseball...under 17 try receiver, maybe safety or kicker

Should you go to football practice if you broke your ankle like to watch?

If you are even asking the question, then football is not a major focus of interest for you and you are not headed to college on a football scholarship. For you, it's a fun activity you like to engage in when your foot works. My advice is to spend your time in a manner that isn't going to bore you silly.

What rugby position should you play you are 5 foot 7 and 9 stone and 14?


What is the best football position for a 14 year-old to play who weighs about 125 and is 5 foot 9?

Probably like a QB or WR

What is the average height and weight of a college football player?

6 foot and 250lbs would be great, but can be as low as 5'8 and 170 lbs