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Usually a Slot Receiver. A third, extra receiver that lines up closer to the offensive linemen.

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What does SR mean in Football

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Q: What position is SR in college football?
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What position is N in college football?


What position in college football do you have to play to receive the davey obrien Aword?

It is the national college football award for Quarterbacks.

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What college football position did OJ simpon play?

running back

What does ATH in college football?

ATH is the standard abbreviation for "athlete." It describes a college recruit that can play multiple positions, or a recruit who does not have a primary or finalized collegiate position. There is no actual football position for ATH; it is simply a placeholder until a player's position is determined.

Who was the first Heisman Trophy awarded too?

james heisman sr, when the award was still called the college football MVP

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He mostly played at guard on the Eureka College football team. I think he played both offense and defense.

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Mike Tomlin played the wide receiver and also the tight end position for the College of William and Mary.

What sports did Bill Cosby play in college?

He played track and football at Temple University.In football he played the position of a fullback.

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i think wide reciever

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What does college football data record?

A college football data record, is so that the people that are in charge can see what the college student has done that is good and what needs to be improved, including what he has scored, what position he has been playing in, and if they need him to improve for college or not.