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He was mostly a SF, but played PF when Mchale was on the bench.

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Q: What position is Larry bird?
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What position did Larry bird play?


What position does Larry bird play?

Larry"Legend"Bird played Small Forward in his playing days with the Celtics.-KC3

Who was better Larry Bird or DrJ?

Larry Bird

Who is better Wilt Chamberlain or Larry bird?

Larry bird

What positions did Larry bird play?

He played Small Foward SF (Primary Position) and Power Forward PF (Secondary position.

How tall was Larry Bird when he played basketball?

Larry bird was 6'9

Who is Larry Bird's son?

Larry Bird's son's name is Conner.

What team does Larry bird own?

Larry Bird Owns Pacers

How does Larry Bird compare to Reggie Miller?

Larry Bird was Reggie Miller's coach. Larry Bird is the Best Small Forward so Reggie Miller comes no where close to Larry Bird.

What college did Larry bird go to?

Larry Bird went to Indiana State

How tall was Larry bird?

Larry Bird is 6 foot 9 inches.

Where do you send fan mail to Larry Bird?

how and where do i send larry bird email

When was Larry Bird born?

Larry Bird was born on December 7, 1956.

Does Larry bird own a NBA team?

Larry Bird does own the Celtics

What is Larry bird known for?

Larry Bird is know for playing NBA basketball.

How old is Larry bird children?

It's how old ARE Larry Bird'S children

What is Larry Bird's birthday?

Larry Bird was born on December 7, 1956.

What is Larry bird's birthday?

Larry Bird was born on December 7, 1956.

What is Larry Bird's religion?

Larry is a Christian.

Did Larry Bird complete his degree at ISU?

No Larry Bird graduated from Indiana State

How may championships does Larry bird have?

Larry Bird from Indiana has 28 NBA Titles.

Larry Bird was what number?

Larry Bird was #33 every year for the Boston Celtics.

Why did Larry Bird retire?

Larry Bird retired because he was plagued with back trouble

Why did bobby knight recruit Larry bird?

Because he's Larry f'kin Bird.

Who would win one on one Kobe Bryant or Larry bird?

Larry bird