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If you are referring to fantasy football, BE stands for bench. Otherwise I have no idea what BE stands for.

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Q: What position in football is a BE?
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What is the football position ks?

the football position ks is Kicker

What is the MLB position in football?

This is the Middle Linebacker position

What is the position S in football?

the position s is the safety

What does the g position in football?

G can stand for goalkeeper in football.

What does k mean in football?

In American football it could be the position of the player called the kicker.

What is the football position Y?


What is the football position PP?


Which position is best in football?


What position is 51 in football?


What is a passive defender?

A football position

What is a line backer?

Line Backer is an American football position. It is a defensive position.

What is the football position abbreviated by 'flk'?

Flanker (wide receiver in football)

What does the term nickleback refer to in football?

A Nickleback is a defensive position in football who is not in on all plays. It is a cornerback position who is considered the fifth defensive back on the line. This position only enters the game when a nickel defense is required.

What football position position did LaRon Landry play in high school?

Quarterback and Safety

What is the football position SS?

Strong safety.

How do you play guard position?

In Football or in Basketball??

What football position is middle guard?

The center.

Dl position in football?

Defensive Lineback

What is the hardest position in football?

The Running Back

What is the position rb in football?

Running back :)

What is the MIKE position in football?

Middle Linebacker

Is there a position in football called passer receiver?


What is SS position in football?

Strong Saftey

What football position is wb short for?

a wingback

What is the football position T?

T = tackle