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Any and all positions commonly wear a protective glove, from attackers to defenders. That worn by a goalkeeper is not technically a glove, but is often referred to as such anyway.

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Q: What position in field hockey wears a protective glove?
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Field hockey glove?

Gloves are a piece of equipment to use in hockey, provided they are suitable for the purpose. The two main glove types are either for protection or grip. Gloves worn for grip often cover the whole of the palm and fingers on both hands in order to give the best hold on a stick in wet conditions. A protective glove is usually worn only on the left hand and helps stop a turf from grazing the hand during a sweep or trap, or from being seriously injured (I have seen a man's finger almost severed by a hockey stick, so they are worth considering).

What hand should you wear a field hockey glove on?

It depends on what kind of glove and why you wear it. If it is a protective glove, most people only wear one on the left hand. If it is a grip glove, you should wear the pair of them. Some like to add another protective glove to the right hand, some like to wear protection on the left and grip on the right and others just don't wear gloves at all. The same goes for goalkeepers, although you would be silly not to wear the 'gloves', as some people call the hand pads. You can also wear undergloves to help with gripping the stick and the pads; again, it is entirely the player's choice.

Can you use boy's lacrosse gloves for indoor field hockey?

They provide padding for the hands of the players. Boy's lacrosse glove allow the best flexibility and comfort for the player's hands. -from a indoor field hockey player

What does gauntlet mean?

A protective glove

Protective gloves consist of?

Protective gloves consist of outer gloves and glove liners.

How tall is a base ball glove?

The Base Gloves lenght is determined by the size of the hand and the position the player is playing on the field.

How should you decontaminate your protective glove?

rub the glove you are decontaminating with the decontamination mitt until the glove is completely covered with decontamination powder

How is a hockey glove made?

Gloves from leather.

What is a long heavy protective glove called?


In hockey terms what is a trap?

A trap (or trap glove) is a glove used by a goalie. It resembles the dimensions and use of a baseball glove (or catcher's mitt).

What is the best ice hockey glove?

depends on your preference

What is a baseball mitt?

A baseball mitt is another name for a baseball glove - a protective glove used when playing baseball.

What is a baseball glove?

A baseball glove protect your body and assist players in catching and fielding balls hit by batters.

What equipment do you need to play field hockey?

Outfield Player: * Hockey Stick * Astro Hockey Shoes * Gum shield/Mouth guard * Shin Pads * Protective Glove (optional) * Polo Shirt * Shorts (Male) * Skort/Skirt (Female)Goalkeeper:* Helmet * Neck Guard (Optional but very much recommended) * Elbow Pads (Optional but very much recommended) * Padded Shorts * Padded Leg Guards * Kickers * Padded Gloves * Goalkeeping Stick (but can use normal hockey stick)

What is the function of an oven glove?

An "oven glove" is a great tool for any home cook. An oven glove is a "special" oven mitt that is more protective and designed for higher temperatures.

What is a batting glove?

A batting glove is one of a pair of protective gloves worn by cricket batsmen to avoid damage to the fingers and hands.

Do you need a glove to play softball?

Yes you do. Every position requires a glove. But for positions such as catcher or first base you need a certain glove specified forthat position. You can get a glove at any sports store like Dick's or Sports Authority.

How far out can a ice hockey keeper glove the puck?

only in the crease

How can we insulate the catchers glove so it doesn't hurt when we catch a fast pitch?

There is a glove made just for this purpose. It looks like a batting glove that has a good amount of padding. It's referred to as a catchers protective inner glove.

How do you break in a ice hockey goalie glove?

If you want the circumference of the glove to increase, you should stuff tennis balls into the netting and tape them there. Maybe leave it overnight.If you want your glove to close more easily, you can open up the back part of the glove and clamp it into the closed position with a large clamp. Before using the glove for a practice or game, you may want to wet the inside of your glove. Not damp, soaking wet. (Sorry if that sounds kinda gross). Another thing you could do is to simply open and close it repeatedly in free time.

What 2 pieces do GCE protective gloves consist of?

inner glove liners

What is a reg hockey goalie catch glove?

It means that the glove is for the left hand of the goalie. Since most goalies have their catch glove on their left hand, it is considered "regular." If the goalie uses their right hand for their catch glove, it is considered "full right."

If you are right handed which hand should you wear a field hockey glove on?

The hand you wear a glove on is not related to whether you are left or right-handed. If you are wearing the glove for protection, wear it on the left, as this is the hand more prone to injuries; this is why the majority are single and shaped for the left hand. Many people wear a glove on both hands, just to be safe. If they are for grip, you will likewise be best off with wearing them on both; this is why they are sold in pairs.

Is bread basket a shot in hockey the middle of goalie?

no it means in the glove or trapper

Safety rules for vacuum forming?

very hot so wear a protective glove