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Q: What position does the tallest person play in basketball?
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What position does the tallest player on a basketball team play?


What does the tallest member of basketball team play?

Normally they play the center position.

What position does the tallest player in basketball play?


What position does the tallest play?

i don't know yet

How tall do you need to be to play basketball at eleven?

If you want to play pivet, you will have to be one of the tallest person in the team and you should be very good at basketball. Height does not matter, all that matters is how good you are at offence and deffence and how well you play the game

How tall was the tallest person to play in the National Basketball Association?

Zing Wang Yan was approximately 7ft 8 in and for the minnesota Timberwolves in 1973.

How do you play guard position?

In Football or in Basketball??

What type of player should a person play your position be in positions 4and5 in basketball?

Usually a tall and aggressive player.

Who is the shortest person in basketball history to play basketball?

the shortest person to play basketball in the Olympic games was Tynua Samonmah from Japan

What basketball position should i play?

You should play the postition that your best at ....

What position did hakeem olajuwon play in basketball?


What position does Dwight Howard play in basketball?


What basketball position does Kevin ware play?


What position in basketball did Jackie play?

power foward

Can a 7'7 person play basketball?

anybody at any height can play basketball

Who was the tallest player ever to play basketball for UCLA?

Mike Lanier was 7ft.8inches

In basketball the center position is also numbered as what number?

They play the '5' position.

What position did Jackie Robinson play in basketball?

Jackie robinson played baseball, not basketball

What position in basketball does lebron James play?

small forward

What position does Amar'e Stoudemire play in basketball?

power forward

What position does Justin bieber play in basketball?

short stop

What position did Zendaya play in basketball?

gard or shooting gard

What position does Lebron James play in basketball?

small forward

Who is the tallest player ever to play basketball for the Georgetown Hoyas?

Roy Hibbert 7'2 2005-2008

The first player to ever play NBA basketball?

There was not a first person to play NBA basketball ,ritard, basketball is played in teams.