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Steven Gerrard plays practices playing football and does things with his family and wife when he has the chance to! from megan battle omg im hias biggest fan he is so hawwtt!!!!!

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Play soccer

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Q: What position does steven Gerrard play in?
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What position did Steven Gerrard play at Whiston Juniors?

Right hand side.

Is Steven Gerrard better or Frank Lampard?

Steven Gerrard is more of a dynamic midfielder...lampard isn't, he can only play one position...Gerrard is better

Does Steven Gerrard want to play for Ireland?

No, Steven Gerrard played for England from 2000 to 2014, never for Ireland.

What has happened to Steven Gerrard?

Now Steven Gerrard has been injured could be groin, but he is due soon to play.

What postion does Steven Gerrard play?


What sport does Steven Gerrard play?


When did steven gerrard play for england?


What positoin does steven jerrared play?

Steven Gerrard plays as a midfielder

For what club does Steven Gerrard play?

As of June 2014, Steven Gerrard plays for Liverpool, a club in England.

What number does steven Gerrard play for England?


What position is steven Gerrard for England?

He is a midfielder who primarily plays in the centre

What is the birth name of Steven Gerrard?

Steven Gerrard's birth name is Steven George Gerrard.