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point guard

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Q: What position does paul pierce play?
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What NBA team does Paul Pierce play for?

Paul Pierce plays for the Brooklyn Nets.

What team does Paul Pierce play for?

Paul Pierce plays Small Forward for the Boston Celtics.

Does Paul Pierce still play in the NBA?

Yes. Paul Pierce currently plays for the Boston Celtics.

What college did NBA player Paul Pierce play for?

NBA player Paul Pierce played for Kansas.

What position does Pierce Burton play?

Pierce Burton plays Offensive Tackle for the Minnesota Vikings.

What position does Bernard Pierce play?

Bernard Pierce plays Running Back for the Baltimore Ravens.

Who is better paul pierce or derick fisher?

Paul Pierce

How do you play basketball like Paul Pierce?

Alot of practice and intense training.

How tall is Paul pierce?

Paul Pierce of the Boston Celtics is 6'6"

What position does Chris Paul play?

Chris Paul plays the point guard position for the New Orleans Hornets.

Is Paul Pierce divorced?

No paul pierce is HAPPILY MARRIED with two children.

What college did Paul Pierce attend?

Paul Pierce attended the University of Kansas.

When was Paul Pierce born?

Paul Pierce was born on October 13, 1977.

What is Paul Pierce's birthday?

Paul Pierce was born on October 13, 1977.

What position does Paul Aguilar play?

Paul Aguilar plays as a Defender for Mexico.

What position does Paul Verhaegh play?

Paul Verhaegh plays as a Defender for Netherlands.

What position does Paul Pogba play?

Paul Pogba plays as a Midfielder for France.

Who is Paul Pierce's father?

Nigel Pierce

Is paul pierce single?

No his wife is pierce

Why do they call Paul Pierce the truth?

Shaquille O'Neal came up with the nickname after Pierce scored 42 points in a 112-107 Boston Celtics loss to O'Neal's Los Angeles Lakers in 2001. After the game, O'Neal told a Boston Herald reporter: "Paul Pierce is the [expletive deleted] truth. Quote me on that, and don't take nothing out. I knew he could play, but I didn't know he could play like this. Paul Pierce is the truth."

When did paul pierce get married?

Julie landrum is not paul pierce's wife, he no wife yet.

Team captain of the Celtics?

Paul Pierce has been on the team the longest!!!!!!!!!!! Paul Pierce

Where was Paul Pierce born?

Paul Pierce was born in Oakland, California, United States.

What position did paul furlong play for Chelsea?


What position did paul fisher play in tangerine?


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