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point guard

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Q: What position does magic Johnson play?
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What position did Earvin Magic Johnson play?

Point Guard.

What position did magic Johnson play?

All of them but his primary position point guard. With his height and abilities, he redefined the position.

What was Magic Johnson's position?

Point Guard

Who did Magic Johnson play basketball for?

Magic Johnson is not a mafia troop. He doesn't work for anybody.

How long did Magic Johnson play in the NBA?

How long did Magic Johnson play in the NBA? he played for 13 years

What years did magic Johnson play for in the N.B.A?

Magic Johnson played in the NBA from 1979-1991 and in 1996.

Did magic Johnson play for olrlando magic?

Yes,he played for Orlando magic in 1981.

Which sport does magic Johnson play?

he used to play basketball

What team did Magic Johnson play for?

my dick

Does magic Johnson play video games?

if he wants to

Does magic Johnson still play basketball?

Not professionally

How many coaches did Magic Johnson play for?


Did magic Johnson ever play for the Milwaukee bucks?


What team did magic Johnson play for and what number did he play?

la lakers......#32

What college did Magic Johnson play for?

Michigan State Spartans

Did magic Johnson sister play college ball?


What team does Magic Johnson play for?

dallas cowboys LOL

How many seasons did Magic Johnson play for the Lakers?


How many years did Magic Johnson play basketball?


What team did magic johnson play on?

los angelas lakers

What country did magic Johnson play in for season of 1999?


What two positions did Magic Johnson play?

center guard

Who did magic Johnson play for in his rookie season?

The lakers of course..

Did Earvin Magic Johnson play for the Harlem Globetrotters?

Hell NO.

For which university did magic Johnson play?

Michigan State University