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right field or DH

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Q: What position does Vladimir Guerrero in baseball?
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When and where was baseball player Vladimir Guerrero born?

Vladimir Guerrero was born February 9, 1975, in Nizao, Peravia, D.R..

What is the birth name of Vladimir Guerrero?

Vladimir Guerrero's birth name is Vladimir Alvino Guerrero.

How much is a Vladimir Guerrero signed baseball worth?

a lot

Dominican baseball player with most hits?

Vladimir Guerrero

Who is the best player in baseball of all time?

Vladimir Guerrero

What are baseball player Vladimir Guerrero's physical stats?

Vladimir Guerrero is 6 feet 3 inches tall. He weighs 235 pounds. He bats right and throws right.

What nicknames does Vladimir Guerrero go by?

Vladimir Guerrero goes by Vlad.

What professional baseball teams has Vladimir Guerrero played for?

Vladimir Guerrero has played for 4 professional baseball teams in the MLB. He made his debut with the Montreal Expos and has also played for the LA Angels, Texas Rangers and Baltimore Orioles.

When was Vladimir Guerrero born?

Vladimir Guerrero was born on February 9, 1976.

What is Vladimir Guerrero's birthday?

Vladimir Guerrero was born on February 9, 1976.

When and where did baseball player Vladimir Guerrero play?

Vladimir Guerrero debuted on September 19, 1996, playing for the Montreal Expos at Stade Olympique; he played his final game on September 28, 2011, playing for the at .

What is Vladimir Guerrero's net worth?

Vladimir guerrero net worth $150 millions dollars

How old is Vladimir Guerrero?

Vladimir Guerrero is 42 years old (birthdate: February 9, 1975).

Is Vladimir Guerrero still with the Texas Rangers?

Vladimir Guerrero went to the Baltimore Orioles with an $8 million deal for 2011

Did Vladimir Guerrero ever play for the New York Yankees?

No, he did not. Vladimir Guerrero played for the Expos, Angels, Rangers and Orioles.

What baseball player had the strongest arm?

Most will say Roberto Clemente, but Vladimir Guerrero also had one.

What is the value of Vladimir Guerrero 1999 upper deck baseball card?

#142 or #236 are .75 each

Is Vladimir Guerrero married?


How many home runs did Vladimir Guerrero hit in 2010?

Vladimir Guerrero hit 29 home runs in 2010.

Is cristian Guerrero cousins with Vladimir Guerrero?

yes they are cousins and vladimi is my uncle

How much is a 2010 Vladimir Guerrero signed baseball worth?

An Vladimir Guerrero single signed baseball is worth approximately $135 if it is on a Rawlings Official Major League baseball and is signed on the "sweet spot". These values assume that they are all authenticator by a reputable company. An autograph that isn't properly authenticated can be worth as little as half of the value of an authenticated signature.

Is Vladimir Guerrero Cuban?

No he is not Cuban he is Dominican.

What team is Vladimir Guerrero on?

The Texas Rangers

What shoe size does Vladimir Guerrero have?

Size 13

Does Vladimir Guerrero take steroids?

No But he did lie about his age.