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Tristan Thompson plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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Tristan Thompson plays power forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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Trayce Thompson plays for the Chicago White Sox.

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Q: What position does Tristan Thompson play?
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How tall is Tristan Thompson?

NBA player Tristan Thompson is 6'-09''.

When was Tristan Thompson born?

Tristan Thompson was born on 1991-03-13.

How much money does Tristan Thompson make?

NBA player Tristan Thompson made $4062000 in the 2013-2014 season.

Does Tristan Thompson like men?


What college did NBA player Tristan Thompson play for?

Klay Thompson plays for the Golden State Warriors.

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What position does Peyton Thompson play?

Peyton Thompson plays Cornerback for the Washington Redskins.

What position does Nate Thompson play?

Nate Thompson plays center for the Anaheim Ducks.

What position does Jordan Thompson play?

Jordan Thompson plays Tight End for the Detroit Lions.

What position does Hollis Thompson play?

Hollis Thompson plays shooting guard for the Philadelphia 76ers.

What position does Jason Thompson play?

Jason Thompson plays power forward for the Sacramento Kings.

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Marcus Thompson plays Line Back for the Miami Dolphins.