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Q: What position does Thierry Henry play in the French soccer team?
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Who is the French soccer captian for 2010?

Thierry Henry acts as captain until now (may 2010)

When did thierry Henry start to play soccer?

Thierry Henry first started to play club football at Monaco , he could have started in 1988.

Does Thierry Henry play for Spain?

No, he can not do that because he is French. Thierry Henry does however play for the Barcelona club.

What nationality is thierry Henry?

He is French.

Who is a french sportsperson?

Thierry Henry

Does Thierry Henry play an instrument?

Thierry Henry is a professional soccer player. As of 2014, he plays for the New York Red Bulls. He does not play any musical instruments.

When did thierry Henry stop playing soccer?

He hasn't he plays in the MLS

Which international soccer players wear number 14?

Thierry Henry

Is Thierry Henry french?

He's from Guadeloupe. It's a french colony.

Which international soccer player wears the number 14?

It is Thierry Henry at Barcelona.

Who has scored the most goals for France?

the answer is the legendary soccer player thierry Henry

Who is the most famous French athlete?

Thierry Henry

What is the total number of goals scored by thiery Henry in premier league?

The total number of goals scored by Thierry Henry in the Premiere League is 175. Henry is a French footballer who plays for the New York Red Bulls in Major League Soccer.

A french footballer who played for arsanal?

Thierry Henry is French and did once play for arsenal.

When did Thierry Henry scored his first goals?

Thierry Henry was a famous French football (soccer in America) player. He had scored his first unofficial goals by the age of 7, as that was when football clubs first began noticing his innate talent. His first official, recorded goals from a match occurred while he was being scouted at the age of 13.

What position did thierry Henry play?

Henry started as a left winger, later was transformed into a center forward.

Who are french sports people?

Zinidine Zidane and Thierry Henry are two of the most famous French soccer players. They are very well know around the world. Both of these men played on the French national team for several years. However, recently Zinidine Zidane retired after the 2006 World Cup. On the other hand Thierry Henry is still currently playing. He plays on the MLS team the New York Red Bulls, he is also still on the French National team.

Who are the most famous french sports stars?

Thierry Henry, Zinedine Zidane (football) Tony Parker (basketball) Amélie Mauresmo (tennis)

What is the name of a french-speaking sports person?

Thierry Henry x

Name one famous french sports person?

Thierry Henry

What is the birth name of Thierry Henry?

Thierry Henry's birth name is Thierry Daniel Henry.

What is 'My favorite sportsperson I admire is Thierry Henry' when translated from English to French?

mon sportif préféré, que j'admire, est Thierry henry.

What professional soccer player was number 14?

The most famous ones were Johann Cruijff and Thierry Henry

Which team does Thierry Henry currently play for?

Although of French descent, he currently plays for the New York Red Bulls. He plays the position of striker although he previously played as a midfielder.

When did Thierry Henry start playing professional soccer?

Thierry Henry, the ex Juventus and Arsenal Striker/Winger, started playing football professionally in 1994 for AS Moncaco. He now plays in the La Liga (Spain) for CF Barcelona.