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Supposedly he is a striker. But he sometimes plays as left winger.

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Henry started as a left winger, later was transformed into a center forward.

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Q: What position does Thierry Henry play in the French soccer team?
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Who is the French soccer captian for 2010?

Thierry Henry acts as captain until now (may 2010)

What nationality is thierry Henry?

He is French.

Who is a french sportsperson?

Thierry Henry

Does Thierry Henry play for Spain?

No, he can not do that because he is French. Thierry Henry does however play for the Barcelona club.

When did thierry Henry stop playing soccer?

He hasn't he plays in the MLS

Which international soccer players wear number 14?

Thierry Henry

Is Thierry Henry french?

He's from Guadeloupe. It's a french colony.

Which international soccer player wears the number 14?

It is Thierry Henry at Barcelona.

Who has scored the most goals for France?

the answer is the legendary soccer player thierry Henry

Does Thierry Henry play an instrument?

Thierry Henry is a professional soccer player. As of 2014, he plays for the New York Red Bulls. He does not play any musical instruments.

A french footballer who played for arsanal?

Thierry Henry is French and did once play for arsenal.

Name one famous french sports person?

Thierry Henry