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Michael Owen currently plays for Manchester United, and has done since 2009.

He previously played for, Liverpool Youth Club(1991-1996), Liverpool (1996-2004), Real Madrid (2004-2005), Newcastle United (2005-2009).

Internationally, he played for England U21 (1997), England B (2006-2007) and England (1998-2008). While he has never officially retired from international football, he has not been called up since May 2008, and appears to have no prospect of a recall for the foreseeable future.

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As Capello says Owen is history he may not make it to the world cup for England.

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Michael Owen plays the forward position. In soccer, forwards are also known as strikers.

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Q: What position does Michael Owen play?
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What sport does Michael Owen play?

football - Manchester utd

What did Michael Owen do for a living?

Play soccer of Manchester United.

What team does Michael Owen play for in fifa 09?


Will Michael Owen play for England in 2010 world cup?

Michael Owen will not be selected for England in the 2010 World Cup, mainly because he is injured.

Does Michel Owen play for mancester united?

Yes Michael Owen does play for Manchester United,he joined them from NewCastle united on a free transfer.

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Michael Owen

Who is the youngest brit ever to play in the world cup?

It was Michael Owen.

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He currently plays for Manchester United.

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Most Likely.

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The youngest player to play for England is Michael Owen.