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Marcus Roberson plays Cornerback for the St. Louis Rams.

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Q: What position does Marcus Roberson play?
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What NFL team does Marcus Roberson play for?

Marcus Roberson plays for the St. Louis Rams.

What college did NFL player Marcus Roberson play for?

NFL player Marcus Roberson played for Florida.

How tall is Marcus Roberson?

NFL player Marcus Roberson is 6'-01''.

What position does Cordell Roberson play?

Cordell Roberson plays Wide Receiver for the Buffallo Bills.

How old is Marcus Roberson?

As of the end of the 2013-2014 NFL season Marcus Roberson is -- years old.

What position does Andre Roberson play?

Andre Roberson plays shooting guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

How much does NFL player Marcus Roberson weigh?

NFL player Marcus Roberson weighs 195 pounds.

What position does Marcus Williams play?

Marcus Williams plays Cornerback for the Houston Texans.

What position does Marcus Johansson play?

Marcus Johansson plays center for the Washington Capitals.

What position does Marcus Burley play?

Marcus Burley plays Cornerback for the Indianapolis Colts.

What position does Marcus Trice play?

Marcus Trice plays Safety for the Chicago Bears.

What position does Marcus Kruger play?

Marcus Kruger plays center for the Chicago Blackhawks.