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Jordan Rodgers plays Quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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Q: What position does Jordan Rodgers play?
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What NFL team does Jordan Rodgers play for?

Jordan Rodgers plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

What college did NFL player Jordan Rodgers play for?

NFL player Jordan Rodgers played for Vanderbilt.

What position does Jacquizz Rodgers play?

Jacquizz Rodgers plays Running Back for the Atlanta Falcons.

What position does Aaron Rodgers play in football?


What position does Richard Rodgers play?

Richard Rodgers plays Tight End for the Green Bay Packers.

What position does Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie play?

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie plays Cornerback for the New York Giants.

When was Jordan Rodgers born?

Jordan Rodgers was born on 1988-08-30.

How tall is Jordan Rodgers?

NFL player Jordan Rodgers is 6'-01''.

Is Aaron Rodgers brother Jordan rodgers?


Is jordan rodgers Aaron Rodgers brother?


How much does NFL player Jordan Rodgers weigh?

NFL player Jordan Rodgers weighs 212 pounds.

What position does Jordan Henderson play?

Jordan Henderson plays as a Midfielder for England.

What position does Jordan Ayew play?

Jordan Ayew plays as a Forward for Ghana.

What position does Jordan Pacheco play?

Jordan Pacheco is a catcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

What position did Michael Jordan play with Bulls?

He played the shooting guard position

What position does Jordan Schroeder play?

Jordan Schroeder plays center for the Vancouver Canucks.

What position does Jordan Staal play?

Jordan Staal plays center for the Carolina Hurricanes.

What position does Michal Jordan play?

Michal Jordan plays defense for the Carolina Hurricanes.

What position does Jordan Gay play?

Jordan Gay plays Punter for the Carolina Panthers.

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Jordan Mabin plays Cornerback for the Atlanta Falcons.

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Jordan Sullen plays Cornerback for the Denver Broncos.

What position does Jordan Kovacs play?

Jordan Kovacs plays Safety for the Miami Dolphins.

What position does Jordan Dangerfield play?

Jordan Dangerfield plays Safety for the Pittsburg Steelers.

What position does Jordan Lynch play?

Jordan Lynch plays Quarterback for the Chicago Bears.

What position does Jordan Palmer play?

Jordan Palmer plays Quarterback for the Chicago Bears.