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He uesd to be a TE or (tight-end) for the Saints, but he plays for The Pathers now

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Q: What position does Jeremy Shockey play for the saints?
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Who did jermey shockey play for in college?

Jeremy Shockey attended and played for the University of Miami.

Did Jeremy Shockey get a Super Bowl ring?

Yes, Jeremy Shockey has two Super Bowl rings. One came when he was with the New York Giants, but he was injured and couldn't play in the Super Bowl game. The other came from the Super Bowl victory the New Orleans Saints had over the Indianapolis Colts. He was, in fact, able to play in that game.

Did Jeremy shockey play pro football for Tampa Bay?

No. He was drafter by the Giants in 2002 and then traded to New Orleans in 2008. Those are the only pro teams he has played for.

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Jeremy Morin plays left wing for the Chicago Blackhawks.

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