What position does Gerard Pique play?

Updated: 12/14/2022
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Gerard Piqué plays as a Defender for Spain.

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Q: What position does Gerard Pique play?
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Does Gerard Pique play soccer or football?

Gerard Pique plays Association football, which is also known as soccer.

Who is Gerard Pique?

Gerard Pique is most famous for being a soccer player, or as the Europeans call it, footballer. Gerard Pique was born February 2, 1987, in Barcelona, Spain.

Is Gerard pique Jewish?

No He Is Catholic.

Are Ibrahimovic and Gerard pique gay?


What was Gerard Pique's previous club?

Gerrard Pique played for Manchester united.

Did Gerard pique has a car?

Yes Gerrard Pique has a car it is a Mini cooper.

What is Gerard pique's favorite food?


Is Gerard pique married?

He is engaged to Shakira

Is Gerard Pique still dating Nuria?


Whose fabregas's best friend?

Gerard Pique

Is Gerard pique faster than cronaldo?

Yess He iss

Did pique breake up with Shakira?

According to some tabloids, Shakira and Gerard Pique broke up because of his infidelity.