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Q: What position does Francesco Totti play in soccer?
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Who was the first to play soccer?

Francesco Totti was the first to play soccer.

Did francesco totti play in the World Cup?

Francesco Totti represented Italy in 2002 and 2006 World Cups.

What is Francesco Totti well known for?

Francesco Totti is an Italian football player. He is best know for his cucchiaio scoring technique that is a unique feature of his play. He is also famed for his over the top goal celebrations.

What position does she play in soccer?

A girl can play any position in soccer that they choose oor they want to play ,boys cant choose for us.

What position did Freddy play in soccer?


What position in soccer does Michael Essien play?

midfield and he play for Chelsea

What position did mia hamm play for soccer?

She was a Strikers

What position does sergio ramos play in soccer?


What soccer position does David Trezeguet play?

David Trezeguet plays in the position of: Striker.

What position does best soccer player play?

center mid

What position does Greyson Chance play in soccer?

left foot

What position did Lou Gehrig play in soccer?

Lou Gehrig played baseball as a first baseman. Not soccer.