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Filip Forsberg plays center for the Nashville Predators.

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Q: What position does Filip Forsberg play?
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What NHL team does Filip Forsberg play for?

Filip Forsberg plays for the Nashville Predators.

When was Filip Forsberg born?

Filip Forsberg was born on 1994-08-13.

How tall is Filip Forsberg?

NHL player Filip Forsberg is 6'-01''.

What is Filip Forsberg's number on the Nashville Predators?

Filip Forsberg is number 9 on the Nashville Predators.

Does Filip Forsberg shoot right or left?

NHL player Filip Forsberg shoots right.

How much does Filip Forsberg weigh?

NHL player Filip Forsberg weighs 188 pounds.

How old is Filip Forsberg?

NHL player Filip Forsberg was born on 08-13-94 and as of the end of the 2013-2014 season is 19 years old.

Are alex forsberg and peter forsberg related?


What is the birth name of Edwin Forsberg?

Edwin Forsberg's birth name is Forsberg, Edwin Forrest.

What is the birth name of Peter Forsberg?

Peter Forsberg's birth name is Peter Mattias Forsberg.

What is the birth name of Eric Forsberg?

Eric Forsberg's birth name is Rolf-Eric Tecumseh Forsberg.

When was Henrik Forsberg born?

Henrik Forsberg was born in 1967.