What position does Doug McDermott play?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Doug McDermott plays small forward for the Chicago Bulls.

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Q: What position does Doug McDermott play?
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What NBA team does Doug McDermott play for?

NBA player Doug McDermott played for Creighton.

How tall is Doug McDermott?

Doug McDermott is 6'.

What is the birth name of Doug McDermott?

Doug McDermott's birth name is Douglas King McDermott.

When was Doug McDermott born?

Doug McDermott was born on 1992-01-03.

What is Doug McDermott's number on the Chicago Bulls?

Doug McDermott is number 3 on the Chicago Bulls.

How much does Doug McDermott weigh?

NBA player Doug McDermott weighs 225 pounds.

How old is Doug McDermott?

As of the end of the 2013-2014 NBA season, Doug McDermott is 22 years old.

What position does Kevin McDermott play?

Kevin McDermott plays Long Snapper for the San Francisco 49ers.

How tall is Mcdermott out of Creighton?

Doug McDermott of Creighton University has a height of 6'8".

What position does Doug Legursky play?

Doug Legursky plays Offensive Line for the Buffallo Bills.

What position does Doug Worthington play?

Doug Worthington plays Defensive End for the Washington Redskins.

What position does Doug Fister play?

Doug Fister plays for the Washington Nationals.