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David Clarkson plays right wing for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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Q: What position does David Clarkson play?
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What NHL team does David Clarkson play for?

David Clarkson plays for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

What position does Jordan Clarkson play?

Jordan Clarkson plays point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers.

What position does David Beckham play in?

David beck ham is in a forward position

What is David Clarkson's birthday?

David Clarkson was born on March 31, 1984.

When was David Clarkson born?

David Clarkson was born on March 31, 1984.

How tall is David Clarkson?

NHL player David Clarkson is 6'-01''.

What soccer position does David Trezeguet play?

David Trezeguet plays in the position of: Striker.

Where was David Clarkson born?

David Clarkson was born in Mimico, Ontario on 03-31-84.

Does David Clarkson shoot right or left?

NHL player David Clarkson shoots right.

How much does David Clarkson weigh?

NHL player David Clarkson weighs 200 pounds.

Does David Clarkson have a girlfriend?

Yes his girlfriend is Kelly Clarkson

How old is David Clarkson?

David Clarkson is 27 years old (birthdate: March 31, 1984).

What position does David Ginola play in?


When was David Clarkson - ice hockey - born?

David Clarkson - ice hockey - was born on 1984-03-31.

What is David Clarkson's number on the Toronto Maple Leafs?

David Clarkson is number 71 on the Toronto Maple Leafs.

What position does David Luiz play?

David Luiz plays as a Defender for Brazil.

What Position did David Beckham Play?

David Beckham plays Right midfield, but has the capacity to play in the centre of the park.

What position did David normally play for the varsity baseball team?


What position does David Ospina play?

David Ospina plays as a Goal Keeper for Colombia.

What position does David Myrie play?

David Myrie plays as a Defender for Costa Rica.

What position does David Desharnais play?

David Desharnais plays center for the Montreal Canadiens.

What position does David Krejci play?

David Krejci plays center for the Boston Bruins.

What position does David Rundblad play?

David Rundblad plays defense for the Chicago Blackhawks.

What position does David Schlemko play?

David Schlemko plays defense for the Arizona Coyotes.

What position does David Warsofsky play?

David Warsofsky plays defense for the Boston Bruins.

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