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Dan Uggla is a second baseman for the Atlanta Braves.

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Q: What position does Dan Uggla play?
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Is Dan Uggla staying on the Florida Marlins?

Dan Uggla will play for the Florida Marlins in 2010.

What MLB team does dan uggla play for?

Atlanta Braves

What is Dan Uggla's birthday?

Dan Uggla was born on March 11, 1980.

When was Dan Uggla born?

Dan Uggla was born on March 11, 1980.

How tall is Dan Uggla?

MLB player Dan Uggla is 5'-11''.

Where was Dan Uggla born?

MLB player Dan Uggla was born in Louisville, KY.

Does Dan Uggla bat right or left?

MLB player Dan Uggla bats right.

Does Dan Uggla throw right or left?

MLB player Dan Uggla throws right.

How much does Dan Uggla weigh?

MLB player Dan Uggla weighs 210 pounds.

What is Dan Uggla's number on the Atlanta Braves?

Dan Uggla is number 26 on the Atlanta Braves.

How much money does Dan Uggla make?

MLB player Dan Uggla made $13146942 in the 2014 season.

When and where was baseball player Dan Uggla born?

Dan Uggla was born March 11, 1980, in Louisville, KY, USA.

Is famous Florida Marlins baseball player, Dan Uggla's nickname, " Uggs"?

Yes, Dan Uggla's nickname is Uggs.

When and where did baseball player Dan Uggla play?

Dan Uggla debuted on April 3, 2006, playing for the Florida Marlins at Dolphin Stadium; he played his final game on September 29, 2013, playing for the Atlanta Braves at Turner Field.

How old is Dan Uggla?

Former MLB second baseman Dan Uggla is 38 years old (birthdate: March 11, 1980).

What nationality is dan uggla?

I am pretty sure "uggla" means owl in swedish. So I think he is Swedish

Does dan uggla chew tobacco?

Yes, Dan Uggla does in fact chew tobacco, he is noted for actually putting one in on camera which turns out it was Red Man Golden Blend

What are baseball player Dan Uggla's physical stats?

Dan Uggla is 5 feet 11 inches tall. He weighs 205 pounds. He bats right and throws right.

What are some sports in the wild west?

dan uggla

Did dan uggla end his hitting streak?

not at this time

How many games did baseball player Dan Uggla play as designated hitter for the Florida Marlins in 2006?

Dan Uggla played in just one game at designated hitter for the Florida Marlins in 2006 and did not start. , equivalent to 0 errors per game (estimate based on total games played in).

Who has the most muscles in the MLB?

dan uggla from the Florida marilns

Does Dan Uggla have a nickname?

Well, In Atlanta we call him Popeye.

What is dan uggla's phone number?


Who has played second base for the Atlanta Braves?

dan uggla