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defensive end

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Q: What position does DE stand for in football?
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What does the g position in football?

G can stand for goalkeeper in football.

What position does s stand for in football?


What position does P stand for in football?


What position is OLB stand for in football?

outside linebacker

What position does TE stand for in football?

Tight end

What position does ss stand for in football?

Score setter

What does WR position in football stand for?

wide receiver

What position does WR stand for in football?

Wide receiver.

What does DE stand for in football?

defensive end

What does FS stand for in football?

In football terminology, FS means Free Safety, a defensive position.

What position does QB stand for in American football?

quarter back

What do the initials DE stand for?

Defensive End in Football.

Which position should a number 6 in football stand?

probably a Quarterback.

What does the position S stand for in football?

In American football, 'S' is a safety. In association football, 'S' may be used for striker.

What position does T stand for in football?

tackle. LT is left tackle and RT is right tackle

What does fff stand for on french soccer jerseys?

Fédération Française de Football (in English its French Football Federation)

What does FIFA stand for football?

English: International Federation of Association Football. French: Federation Internationale de Football Association.

What position does OT stand for in football?

offensive tackle

Quel position de football est-que kaka jouez?

milieu de terrain avec defense.

What position does FL stand for in football?

FL stands for flanker who is a wide receiver.

What does FIFA stand for and what does it mean?

Fédération Internationale de Football Association(FIFA) - it means the federation of football

What does LG stand for in football stats for a running back?

Longest gain. If u meant the position its left guard.

What position does E stand for in football?

E in FootballE doesn't have a position. There's a TE and DE, tight end and defensive end. E would stand for End. On a football field there is a Defensive End that plays on the defensive line, a Tight End that usually plays on the offensive line and is a pass receiver, and a Split End who is a wide receiver.Until 1965, NCAA mandated it's players to play a one platoon system meaning that one unit played both offense and defense. The E position meant that the player played on the outside or ends of the line. Ends played both DE on defense and TE on offense.

What position does CB stand for in football?

Corner back, he lines up with the wide receiver on most plays and does his best to cover him.

What position does G stand for in football?

The "G" stands for the "guard" position on the offensive line. There are two on an offensive line, one on either side of the center, the person who snaps the ball to the quarterback.