What position does Carl Landry play?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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Carl Landry plays power forward for the Sacramento Kings.

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Q: What position does Carl Landry play?
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What NBA team does Carl Landry play for?

Carl Landry plays for the Sacramento Kings.

What college did NBA player Carl Landry play for?

NBA player Carl Landry played for Purdue.

What position does Landry N'Guémo play?

Landry N'Guémo plays as a Midfielder for Cameroon.

What position does Landry Jones play?

Landry Jones plays Quarterback for the Pittsburg Steelers.

Carl Landry or Mike Miller in fantasy Basketball?

Carl Landry

What position does Landry Fields play?

Landry Fields plays small forward for the Toronto Raptors.

What position does Dawan Landry play?

Dawan Landry plays Safety for the New York Jets.

When was Carl Landry born?

Carl Landry was born on 1983-09-19.

How tall is Carl Landry?

NBA player Carl Landry is 6'-09''.

What football position position did LaRon Landry play in high school?

Quarterback and Safety

What is Carl Landry's number on the Sacramento Kings?

Carl Landry is number 24 on the Sacramento Kings.

How much does Carl Landry weigh?

NBA player Carl Landry weighs 248 pounds.