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Defensive tackle.

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Q: What position does Bob Lily play?
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What position does bob sanders play?


What position did bob feller play?

Bob Feller was a starting pitcher for the cleveland indians

What position did Bob Stoops play?

Defensive back

What position did bob beckel play in football?

Water boy.

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Does Bob Sanders play safety for professional football?

Bob Sanders plays for the Indianapolis Colts at the position of safety. Bob Sanders is out for the rest of the 2009 season with a torn biceps.

What college did bob lilly go to?

Bob Lily graduated from Texas Christian University.

What position other than safety did bob sanders play in high school?

A running back and a safety.

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What position did Bob Lilly play for the Dallas Cowboys?

Defensive End ---------- Bob Lilly may have lined up at defensive end from time to time over the course of his career, but he was a defensive tackle.

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