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Henry started as a left winger, later was transformed into a center forward.

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Q: What position did thierry Henry play?
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What position does Thierry Henry play in the French soccer team?


Does Thierry Henry play for Spain?

No, he can not do that because he is French. Thierry Henry does however play for the Barcelona club.

What does thierry Henry play?


Did Thierry Henry play for Manchester United?


When did thierry Henry start to play soccer?

Thierry Henry first started to play club football at Monaco , he could have started in 1988.

What sport dose thierry Henry play?

He is a footballer.

Which football boot does Thierry Henry play in?


Does thierry Henry still play international football?

Henry has retired from football.

What is the birth name of Thierry Henry?

Thierry Henry's birth name is Thierry Daniel Henry.

Does Thierry Henry play an instrument?

Thierry Henry is a professional soccer player. As of 2014, he plays for the New York Red Bulls. He does not play any musical instruments.

Who does Thierry Henry play for?

New York Red Bulls

Who scored more Premier League goals Robbie Fowler or Thierry Henry?

Thierry Henry has

How many matches did Thierry Henry play for arsenal?

Thierry Henry played 254 games for Arsenal. He scored 174 goals in his time with the club.

Which football club thierry Henry play for before arsenal?


Did thierry henry play for arsenal?

yes, scoring 226 goals for them.

How many games did thierry Henry play for arsenal?

254 games

When did thierry Henry play his first world cup?

Henry played his first world cup in 1998.

What is Thierry Henry's birthday?

Thierry Henry was born on August 17, 1977.

Thierry Henry's email?

Thierry Henry's email address is

Which country does Thierry Henry play for in the Fifa World Cup 2010?


What team does thierry Henry play for?

New York Red Bulls and France

Which football club does the french footballer Thierry Henry now play for?


Which football club does the frenh footballer thierry Henry now play for?


What year did thierry Henry play for arsenal?

more than 1 year

What was Thierry Henry's age when he used to play football?

Thierry Henry still plays football, but if you're referring to the Premier League, then he played from the age of 22 to the age of 30.