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Paolo Rossi was a forward (sometimes referred to as "strikers").

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Q: What position did soccer player Paolo Rossi play?
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What is Paolo Rossi's birthday?

Paolo Rossi was born on September 23, 1955.

When was Paolo Rossi born?

Paolo Rossi was born on September 23, 1955.

How old is Paolo Rossi?

Paolo Rossi is 56 years old (birthdate: September 23, 1955).

What has the author Paolo Rossi written?

Paolo Rossi has written: 'Storia e filosofia' -- subject(s): American Philosophy, Historiography, History, Methodology, Philosophy

Is there any soccer player born at February 1?

Yes an example is Giuseppe Rossi

What has the author Paolo Alberto Rossi written?

Paolo Alberto. Rossi has written: 'Le cupole del Brunelleschi' -- subject(s): Conservation and restoration, Domes, Structural dynamics

Who scored the most goals in the 1982 world cup?

Paolo Rossi of Italy was the top scorer in 1982 fifa world cup with 6 goals.

Who is the Italian soccer great Rossi?

Do you mean Paolo Rossi? He scored a memorable hat-trick against Brazil in the 1982 World Cup finals shortly after coming back from a ban imposed for betting irregularities. I'm not sure he counts as a great, but he was certainly very good.

Who two people are the best soccer player?

Currently in my opinion: Daniele De Rossi and Lionel Messi. Best player ever: Pelé

What has the author Francesco Paolo Rossi written?

Francesco Paolo Rossi has written: 'Rapporto di lavoro subordinato e rapporto giuridico previdenziale' -- subject(s): Social security, Labor laws and legislation, Law and legislation

What position does Daniele De Rossi play?

Daniele De Rossi plays as a Midfielder for Italy.

Who is the first Italian footballer to have Golden Boot award of FIFA World Cup?

Paolo Rossi, at the 1982 World Cup.