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As a striker, often considered the best left footed player to play the game.

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Q: What position did puskas play in?
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What is a puskas?

it means gunner in Hungarian i think. puskas is also the last name of Hungarian soccer star ferenc puskas

Football did puskas ever play at stamford bridge?

Yes, he played there in an exhibition match, some time in 1966-7.

Who are some deceased soccer players?

They are Puskas, garincha, bobby Moore.

Who was the Hungarian born soccer player who played for Czechoslovakia and Spain?

ferenc puskas

What number did Ferenc Puskas wear for club and country?

He wore the number 10.

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What position does voronin play for Liverpool fc?

He doesnt play for Liverpool fc so no position

Who was the general that led Pao in 1971 Champions legaue's final?

It was Ferenc Puskas, the Galloping Major.

Which country won the most European championships?

Germany Germany

What position does brad thorn play?

he plays center position

What position does she play in soccer?

A girl can play any position in soccer that they choose oor they want to play ,boys cant choose for us.

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It depends. what ever position you usually play your good at that position. in team sports you play everywhere likely.