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In 2005 with the Orioles, Sammy Sosa played the Outfield, and was also the DH.

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Q: What position did Sammy Sosa play on the Oriols?
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What position did Sammy Sosa play for the cubs?

Sammy Sosa played most of his games for the Chicago Cubs in Right Field.

What team does Sammy Sosa play for?

In the 2007 season, Sammy Sosa played for the Texas Rangers of the American League.

Does Sammy Sosa play baseball still?


What teams did Sammy Sosa play for?


Will Sammy Sosa play baseball in 2008?


Will Sammy Sosa play baseball again?

Not likely.

Will Sammy Sosa play this year?

He has retired or is about to announce his retirement.

What baseball teams did Sammy Sosa play for?


Did Sammy Sosa ever play in a World Series?

Sammy Sosa never played in the World Series.

Does Sammy Sosa's son play for Louisville basketball?

Edgar Sosa was born in New York and to the best of my knowledge is no relation to Sammy. Sammy and his wife Sonia have four children; Keysha, Kenia, Sammy Jr. and Michael.

Wo does Sammy Sosa play for today?

Sammy Sosa retired from baseball on June 3rd, 2009 after not signing with a team as a free agent, and not being selected for the WBC.

How many home runs did Sammy Sosa hit in 2008?

None, he did not play.