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Matt Light played Left Tackle for the New England Patriots for his entire career (2001-2011), protecting the blind side of first Drew Bledsoe (for one game) and then Tom Brady for the next decade.

Light actually started playing for the Purdue Boilermakers as a tight end during his freshman season. After redshirting his sophomore season due to a shoulder injury, he was converted to a lineman, where he was a three year starter, earning All Big Ten Honorable Mention in his sophomore season, Second Team Honors in his junior year and First Team Honors in his senior season.

Matt Light was drafted in the 2nd round with the 48th overall pick by the Patriots in 2001. Light replaced legendary Patriots left tackle Bruce Armstrong as the blind side protector for the Pats quarterbacks. During the course of his career, Light was named to 3 Pro Bowls (2006, 2007, 2010), Pro Bowl Alternate (2011), All Pro Team(2007). In addition Matt Light anchored the offensive for all five of the Patriots Super Bowl appearances in the 2000's.

Matt Light has been honored by both the Organization and Patriots Nation, and was named to the Patriots All-2000's team and to the Patriots 50th Anniversary Team. He retired from the Pats after 11 years of service in May of 2012, after playing in 155 of a possible 176 regular season games.

In addition to football, Matt Light has been active on the charity front. He founded / started The Light Foundation in 2001. The Foundation "strives to empower young people to reach their highest potential by initiating and supporting hands on programs and events that promote the development of rational moral values and personal financial acumen so as to instill a sense of self-reliance, sufficiency and independence".

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Q: What position did Matt Light play for the New England Patriots?
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