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Q: What position did Bill Willis play for the Cleveland Browns?
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What was the name of the first colored person on the Cleveland Browns?

Bill Willis (Ohio State) in 1946 was the first black player for the Cleveland Browns as best as memory serves me. The Browns were a dominating member of the old AAFC at the time, later joining the NFL.

What does the 99 stand for on Ohio state football helmets?

first African-American to play in the nfl, bill willis from Ohio state (nfl team is Cleveland browns)

Does Bill Cowher want to coach the Cleveland Browns?


Who wore 31 for the Cleveland Browns?

Bill Glass, i think.

Who was the quarterback for the Cleveland Browns in 1964?

Bill Nelsen was the starter, Mike Phipps and Don Gault were backups.

Who played for both the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cleveland Browns?

Bill Nelsen

In Bill Belichick's first season as head coach what was the Browns' record?

The Browns had a 6 and 10 record under belichick his first year in Cleveland.

What team did Bill Cowher coach special teams for?

Bill Cowher was the special teams coach for the Cleveland Browns for the 1985 and 1986 seasons.

Did bill cowher play for ny giants?

No. He was with the Cleveland Browns in 1980-1982 and the Philadelphia Eagles in 1983-1984.

What is Bill Willis's birthday?

Bill Willis was born on October 5, 1921.

Who quarterbacked the Cleveland Browns to a playoff win over the Dallas Cowboys in 1969?

Bill Nelsen, who guided the Browns to a 38-14 playoff victory over Dallas on Dec. 28, 1969.

When did Bill Willis die?

Bill Willis died on November 27, 2007 at the age of 86.