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Well, if your number 8 then that means your number could be used with the following positions:Kicker(including Punter), Quaterback, And Wide Riecever (If 80-89 and 20-48 are taken). For more follow this chart

1-19:Quater back, Kicker, Wide out's

20-49: Running Backs(Including Full back), Defensive Backs (Corners, and Saftey's)

50-59: Line men (Tackle, Gaurd, and Center's), Line backers (Including Outside)

60-79: Line men bothsides (Defensive&Offensive)

80-89: Wide Outs, Tight Ends

90-99: Linebackers (including Outside), Defensive Linemen

If these number authority's aren't followed, the team may be penalized for either an amount of money, or the team may be even penalized in every play that the player is in for not following the number's.

Back in the olden days when the NFL (Afl back then) werent as famous as they as they are now, Quaterbacks used to be number 57, and running backs used to have number 99. But that changed in April 5th of 1973. The NFL commsioner changed the number's and organized them into positions. In the NCAA it really doesent matter, Maybe for Running Backs, Quater Backs, and Linemen it does. But, for the other positions it doesent. Im glad to help, and i hope you get the positions you want ;D

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Q: What position can number 8 be used in football?
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