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Amrican football or ruby

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Q: What popular sport is played in the US on Thanksgiving Day?
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What sport is most commonly played on thanksgiving day?


What sport did the pilgrims play on Thanksgiving Day?

they played a game related to baseball

What is a sport that is on TV during thanksgiving?

there is always a good NFL match that is being played on turkey day

What is a popular sport many watch on thanksgiving day?

Of course it depends on the country. But in America during the past century, it has become a custom to watch football-- high school football is especially popular in many cities. And these days, there are also National Football League (professional) games that are played on Thanksgiving.

How many Times have the Packers played on Thanksgiving day?

They have played 32 times on Thanksgiving Day.

Popular day to eat out in the US?


Why has football become the most popular sport in the US?

since we do not any colliseums w/ lions and christians we settle for lions and bears on thanksgiving day

Was there ever played on thanksgiving day on the nfl chanel?

Yes, there has been games played on Thanksgiving Day on the NFL channel.

Which sport to many Americans watch on TV on Thanksgiving Day?

American Football

What country is popular on Thanksgiving Day?


Which NFL team has traditionally played on Thanksgiving since 1934?

It is the Detroit Lions.Since 1934, the Lions have played on every Thanksgiving Day (except for 1939 and 1940, when the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Philadelphia Eagles played), and 1941-1944 (when no game was played on Thanksgiving Day).As of the 2008 season, the Lions' record on Thanksgiving Day is 35-32-1.

What is the day after Thanksgiving called?

The day after thanksgiving is THE DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING!

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