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Hes and open side flanker (no 7)

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Q: What poisition does Riche Mc'caw play in Rugby?
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What does Richie mccaw do outside of rugby?

sleeping, gadening, play

Who did Richie mccaw play rugby for?

Crusaders (New Zealand)

When did Richie mccaw first play rugby?

when he was eight years old

When did Richie McCaw begin to play rugby?

when he was 8 years old in school

What position does riche maccaw play?

He plays in the openside position for the New Zealand, Crusaders and Canterbury rugby teams

How much does mccaw get paid to play rugby?

McCaw was reportedly on a NZ$6 million dollar, four year contract to play Super Rugby and for the All Blacks. That means NZ$1.5 per year or thereabouts, plus a personal endorsement deals he has going which would be in the hundreds of thousands of dollara each.

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Who did Richie McCaw first play rugby for?

He played rugby for the local Kurow rugby club as a youngster, but it was not until 1994, when he boarded at Otago Boys' High School in Dunedin, that he started to take the game seriously.

Who is is a better rugby player Richie Mccaw or Dan Carter?

As they both play in completely different positions its difficult to actually tag either a the best. However, it is considered across the rugby world that both in their roles are exceptional players McCaw being voded the players player of the year yet again

Who motivated Richie mccaw to play rugby?

Richie McCaw's father told him when he was 8 years old that he would enjoy rugby more if he got fitter. Richie said that this comment from his father stuck with him as his father didn't say he would be better if he was fitter, he said that 'he would enjoy it more' which motivated Richie.

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