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Scott Williams and David Vaughn

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Alex Weekes a.k.a "Prince"

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Q: What players wore number 42 for the Chicago Bulls?
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Who isNo23 of Chicago bulls?

Michael Jordan wore number 23 on the Chicago Bulls.

Who wore number 5 for Chicago Bulls?

Carlos Boozer

Who of the Chicago Bulls wore number 5?

John Paxson

Michael Jordan's jersey number for the Chicago BULLS?

23 , but he also wore 45.

What was Michael Jordan's jersey number with the Chicago Bulls?

23 , but he also wore 45.

Who wore number 23 far the Chicago Bulls?

His Royal Airness, Michael Jordan

What is former Chicago Bulls player BJ Armstrongs number?

He wore number 10 before it was retired for Bob Love

Who wore no3 for the Chicago bulls?

Ron Harper

Which players in Chicago Bears history wore number 6?

Jay Cutler

Which players wore?

which player wore #85 for the chicago bears

Who were all the Chicago Cubs players that wore number 99?

George Lucas was the only one.

Who wore number 42 for the Chicago Bulls?