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Q: What players wear number 25 in the Chicago Bulls?
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Who is number 17 on the Chicago Bulls?

There is no player currently wearing number 17. The last player on the Chicago Bulls to wear number 17 was Ricky Blanton in 1993.

What number did Dennis Rodman wear for the Chicago Bulls?


Who was the only player to wear the number 00 for the Chicago Bulls?

Robert Parish

What retired professional basketball player did not wear the number 13?

Michael Jordan - Chicago Bulls

Who was the only Chicago Bulls' player to wear Number 55?

1979-80 #55 Roger Brown

Why do the bulls wear green jerseys?

The Chicago Bulls wear green jerseys in celebration of St. Patrick's Day.

What numbers did Michael Jordan wear when he was with the Chicago Bulls?

Wore the number 23 for his NBA career with the Chicago Bulls, and the Washington Wizards. Sometimes wore the number 45 because it was his older brother Larry's number in high school. He wore #12 once in Chicago when his jersey was stolen from the locker room before a game.

Who wears 12 in MLB?

Players that wear number 12 are players like Alfonso Soriano of the Chicago Cubs.

What does it mean in nba to retire their numbers?

It means no one else on that team can wear that number - example: No one on the Chicago Bulls team can ever wear Michael Jordan's number 23.

Which nba players wear the number 35?

Kevin Durant doesSalmons is number 35 on the bulls.

Who are the Chicago Bears players to ever wear number 35?

Don't know that is why I ask

What Kinda Stuff Do The Chicago bulls wear during the playoffs?


What jersey did Michael Jordan wear in 1996?

He wore a #23 Chicago Bulls jersey.

Who are the Chicago Bears players to ever wear number 3?

the number 3 was retired by Bronko Nagurski who played from 1930-1943 not sure who else wore this number

What NBA players wear number 28?

No current NBA players wear number 28.

What NFL players past or present have worn or wear number 71?

Phil Loadholt of the Minnesota Vikings was one of the NFL players who has worn number 71. George Conner who was with the Chicago Bears was another player who wore number 71.

Why do the Chicago bulls jersey's say los bulls?

At certain games in the season, typically in March, many NBA teams have something akin to Latin Night in Chicago where the teams wear special jerseys with the name in Spanish (typically something like Los Bulls, etc).

What three numbers did Michael Jordan wear while playing for the Chicago Bulls?

23, 45 and 12

Did Randy Brown wear 1 or 0 on his 1998 Chicago Bulls basketball jersey?

He wore #1

What did Michael Jordan wear under his Chicago Bulls uniform for good luck?

a pair of his UNC shorts

Did Michael Jordan play for the Mimi heat?

No, his number is just retired because when the Heat unveiled the half-Chicago Bulls, half-Wizards jersey, Pat Riley said no Heat player will wear the number again.

What number did Rodman wear before he came to the Bulls?


What number was Micheal Jordan?

His other # was #45 briefly while on the Chicago Bulls. He was #23 then when he retired #23 was also retired so he had to wear #45 until he was traded to the wizards

What NFL players wear 95?

Anthony Adams of the chicago bears

Do NHL players wear 00?

no nhl players do not wear 00 because it is not a valid number